On Generosity

Thinking on generosity this morning.

From Merriam-Webster: "generous: (1) characterized by a noble or kindly spirit, as in 'a generous heart'. (2) liberal in giving, as in 'a generous benefactor'.

In this Christmas season, or Holiday season, as you prefer, there is a cornucopia of examples of generosity, wide ranging from a family in need receiving a new home, on down to you baking extra breads and treats to share with neighbors or co-workers you trudge alongside week-in and week-out. Surely there is at least some generosity in us all.

We give our money to causes and to the people we associate with those causes, because we believe in and we love what they're doing. We feel a personal connection to the good those causes and people bring to our fractured places and lives. Our generosity extends, overflows even, because we believe these causes and people are making a difference.

Many of you have heard about our little start-up this fall, Midtown Presbyterian Church. We are becoming a fellowship that loves her community and its people. If you love Columbia, especially her 'Midtown' community, or you just know and love the Dixons, would you be one who is of 'noble and kindly spirit' and be 'liberal in giving'? As a new church plant, we rely on the generosity of others: folks like you, who by giving make a difference, too.

To give to Midtown Presbyterian Church, click this link: https://goo.gl/tiWw6C. It may help you to see what we value as a church. Go here for that: https://goo.gl/AenZuR. And if you're the praying type, pray and ask God to flourish Midtown Presbyterian, for the good of Columbia's Midtown and for those whom he is bringing through our doors.

Lastly, if you think all this church stuff is rubbish, or you've been hurt or put off by some church in the past, I'd love to buy you coffee or lunch sometime and hear why or how. This is not a hook at all. It's just that hearing stories like yours helps me be a better pastor and helps Midtown Presbyterian be a better church.  Message me, and we'll make a plan to meet soon.

Happy New Year, everyone.

- Ross

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